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    How to Buy Authentic Match Worn Soccer Shirts

    How to Buy Authentic Match Worn Soccer Shirts

    Is there any piece of soccer memorabilia which is more personal and intimate than a match worn shirt?

    To have and hold a shirt which has been worn by your favourite player or from the team you support is a feeling which cannot be replicated.  As a Chelsea fan for example, can you imagine what it would be like to own a Chelsea shirt which was worn by frank Lampard in a game?.

    Getting a player’s autograph is one thing but having the shirt off his back is something else.  To have that in your home or office may seem like a dream but at we make those dreams come true.

    However, when buying an authentic match worn soccer shirt, you must be aware of exactly what you are buying.

    For example, how do you know the shirt was worn by the player in question?  If the shirt is on offer for sale as a Steven Gerrard match worn Liverpool shirt, what proof is there that this shirt was worn by the player?

    You must check the details of the shirt and the match in which it is listed as being worn. 

    For example, any match worn shirt from the English Premier League or old First Division before the 1992/93 season, should not have a name on the back.  So, if you see a Manchester United shirt from prior to this date and it has the number 10 and the name Hughes on the back, you know it cannot be match worn.

    Also, check the details of the match in which the shirt was worn and look for photos of the player wearing the shirt during the game.  If the shirt has not been washed, look for any markings from the grass or mud on the player in the photo and match that up to the match worn shirt being sold.

    Some players like to moderate their shirt in some way, such as cutting the sleeves off so they are shorter or adding something to the front of the shirt to help with their breathing during the match.  These are all signs of a match worn soccer shirts.

    Finally, do not be afraid to ask questions about the match worn soccer shirt and trace back the history of the shirt.  Did it come directly from the player or from a third party?  Was it worn in both halves of the match or only one?  Any small details you can find out will help when buying a match worn soccer shirt.

    However, the only way you can buy an authentic match worn soccer shirt with confidence is from a reputable dealer and at you are assured of the very best in match worn soccer shirt memorabilia.

    So, whether you are looking for something for yourself to frame at home or for a special gift for that soccer fan in your life, you will not find a better selection of authentic match worn soccer shirts than what we offer at

    A Worldwide Phenomenon That Deserves to be Cherished!

    A Worldwide Phenomenon That Deserves to be Cherished!

    A Worldwide Phenomenon That Deserves to be Cherished!

    Your Options are Endless!
    Do you love the wonderful sport of soccer/football – the beautiful game? Does your favourite player keep you on the edge of your seat whenever he is on the field?

    Whether you call it soccer or football, the fact remains that the sport is a worldwide phenomenon that deserves to be cherished. The World Cup is the world’s greatest sporting event. It dwarfs every other tournament in terms of competing nations, television viewers, and financing

    At we have created a platform that allows you to celebrate your favourite players along with all aspects of the sport you love. With amazing merchandise ranging from match worn shirts, match issue shirts, and player issues shirts to official shirts and autographed soccer memorabilia—all available at incredibly affordable prices—your options are endless!

    A Permanent Reminder
    Above everything else, soccer memorabilia gives you a connection with the game you love. Every time you’re watching a game, you can glance over at your priceless piece and see a permanent reminder of one thing that never fails to make you feel happy. Simply being able to find something that colours the mundane with hope is enough of a reason for you to visit our website now and pick out the perfect reminder pieces for your favourite game.

    After all, very few things in this world are able to instil hope and a lasting sense of joy. If that is what you feel when watching this one-of-a-kind game, you have something few ever find. And we want you to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible. A day may come where soccer doesn’t bring you the same joy, but, even if that happens, having a permanent reminder of a time when you did feel that joy might re-instil the feeling when you need it most.

    There are fans who enjoy the game, and then there are fans who are truly inspired by it. Regardless of what category you fit in, don’t pass up on this opportunity to get your own memorabilia piece. At the end of the day, you will find that memories of better times fade away if you don’t have a way to keep them alive forever.

    Don’t ever let the better times fade away! Shop for yours today!